Further information on IT access for staff leaving the University

Note: the following is planned to change in the near future because data protection legislation demands that the University change the leaving process so that access to data is removed on the day of leaving. This information will be updated as soon as details of the new process are known.

The information used to determine the account disablement process and the content of messages is taken from core University records. If you believe these to be incorrect, you must contact the relevant manager or administrator in your school/department (i.e. not IT Services) to make changes in the HR records system.

Advance warning and reminders

  • Where leaving dates are available, advance warnings are issued 5 weeks and 2 weeks before the date.
  • A final warning is issued 2 weeks before the account is locked.

Important note: all warnings are issued to your University email address, therefore all staff, including honorary staff, should monitor their University email regularly.

Locking of accounts and deletion of data

  • IT Accounts (including email) are locked on the 5th Wednesday following the leaving date.
  • Ucards are blocked on the leaving date, at which point library membership also ceases.
  • Accounts are set for deletion one week after locking after which no manual intervention is possible.
  • Your personal data (MyFiles, Google and OneDrive) is irreversibly deleted 150 days after your leaving date.