Elevated User Rights (EUR)

You may apply to have Elevated User Rights (EURs) if you are a full member of staff or postgraduate research student and have a work-related need to install software or make other administrative changes to a University computer.

Before applying please ensure you have read the guidance otherwise your application may be delayed.

If you are granted EURs you will have agreed to the following:

  • By having EURs you make your computer non-standard. IT Services will attempt to help resolve an issue but our assistance will be limited due to the non-standard nature of the computer, i.e. unsupported software and/or unknown system configuration changes. If necessary, IT Services will offer to wipe and re-install the computer to its default state when you were originally granted EURs.
  • Individuals installing software themselves are responsible for that installation - see the Software Management Policy
  • Do not use EURs to update or modify automatically installed software as this may break future security updates.
  • Always keep a copy of any important data in a University filestore, e.g. OneDrive or the Research Data Storage Facility.
  • Do not use EURs to access another user's data.
  • You can only install software if you have an appropriate license and the software is required for your research/teaching. If unsure please contact the Service Desk.
  • IT Services still needs access to your computer. Do not install security software, remove administrative rights or change passwords that relate to such access.
  • Please do not modify your computer's network settings if it is connected to the main UoB network.

To apply please click:

We will get in touch if we have any questions about your application so do include contact details.

See also: Elevated User Rights Policy (PDF).