Elevated User Rights (EUR)

You may apply to have Elevated User Rights (EUR) if you are a full member of staff or postgraduate research student and have a work-related need to install software or make other administrative changes to a University computer that you have sole use of.

Before applying for EURs please check if the software you need is available via the Windows or Mac Software Centre, whether the software actually requires elevated rights to be installed or has a "portable" version available for download that requires no installation (Linux software often requires no additional rights to be installed).

Please include as much information as you can as to why you require EURs, specifying any software you wish to install. If your EUR application lacks detail it will be delayed whilst we await further clarification.

If you only wish to install a small number of software there is no need to request EURs. Instead, contact the Service Desk to arrange for the software to be installed.

Before being granted EURs you must agree to the following:

  • By using EUR you make your computer non-standard. While IT Services will make every effort to assist, we can only provide limited help in fixing computers which have unknown and unsupported software or system configuration changes. If your computer breaks, the only way to fix it may be to wipe it and return it to a standard configuration. You will be responsible for re-installing everything else.
  • Individuals installing software themselves are responsible for that installation. See Software Management Policy
  • Do not use Elevated User Rights to update or modify automatically installed software. This may break future security updates.
  • Always keep a copy of any important data in a University filestore, e.g. OneDrive or the Research Data Storage Facility.
  • Do not use EUR to access other user's data.
  • You can only install software if you have an appropriate license and the software is required for your research/teaching. If unsure please contact the Service Desk or  your local Faculty IT Support team for advice.
  • IT Services still needs access to your computer. Do not install security software, remove administrative rights or change passwords that relate to our access.
  • Do not remove your computer from the UOB “Domain”.
  • Please do not change your computer's network settings while connected to the UOB network.

If you wish to proceed please click the button below:

We will get in touch if we have any questions about your application so do include contact details. A face to face meeting may be required if the request is particularly complex or your application lacks enough information.

Windows 7 users will be given access to the EUR Tool. Please read Using the Windows 7 EUR Tool and contact us if you have any problems. Typically, Linux users will be given an agreed level of sudo access; and macOS users will be made a local administrator.

See also: Elevated User Rights Policy (PDF).