Remote access user scenarios

Susan Lewis, 1st year BA History

Susan a studentSusan arrives in ASSL and logs into a computer, she accesses her notes which are stored on her University Microsoft OneDrive for Business filestore by going to Microsoft Office 365. Susan wants to check her notes as she is working with colleagues on a presentation and is using OneDrive to collaborate on a draft, in real time members can add and comment on the information. Back in her room in halls, Susan logs into Office 365 to access OneDrive to update her notes. Susan is heading home to her parents for the weekend and needs to have easy access to some PDF articles and her draft of a paper she is working on and uploads them to OneDrive for easy access from her parents' PC and her iPad.

Sam Jenkins, Finance Officer

Sam is working from home and uses the Remote Desktop Gateway service to connect to his computer at work. Sam needs to access the departmental filestore to check a recent report in order to update a briefing paper which he is working on in his OneDrive for Business account. The paper contains confidential data but he knows the data is safe within OneDrive due to University contracts with Microsoft and anything downloaded to the computer is secure as he is effectively working on his computer at work, and not his home PC.  Sam can perform all the tasks he needs, again safe in the knowledge that the data is secure and still on the University system.  Sam logs out of the Remote Desktop Gateway Service.  Later that day he goes back to update the report he has written in Microsoft Word, as it uses a number of tables and index formatting.  Sam goes directly to Office 365 on his home computer and logs in and edits the document in the browser. Sam then sends a UoB only link to the document to colleagues so they can make any amendments needed. 

Prof. Roger Simkinson, Lecturer in Biology

Roger is making some amendments for a lecture later that day.  He stores the presentation in his University Microsoft OneDrive for Business folder as he knows this will be accessible from the lecture theatre computer.  That evening he wants to check some student records from home. Roger is aware that he should not process such data on his home PC so logs into the staff remote desktop and navigates to the information he needs. He also wants to access some online journals and useses the search tool provided at

The next day Roger gathers together presentations and papers for a conference he is attending the following week. He wants to access the documents via his personal iPad. Roger uploads the documents to his OneDrive for Business account. Using the OneDrive app on his iPad he can access all his papers stored there. The following month he attends a working group in Birmingham. He needs to take information which is potentially commercially sensitive but is aware that as his university provided laptop is encrypted storing the data he needs for the meeting on it will be OK.