Who can use it?

Who can use this Service?

  • This service is provided for University Staff who have Windows or Apple Computers and need to connect to University Windows computers.
  •  In many cases, using the Staff Remote Desktop will allow you work remotely and should normally be used in preference to accessing your actual desktop computer remotely.
  •  However, there are occasions when you might want access to a University PC, such as the system on your desk, to access specific files or software.    Using our Remote Desktop Gateway, you can make a connection directly to a University Windows PC from a remote PC via any Internet connection, without having to set up a virtual private network (VPN) and without using SSH or other complicated utilities.   
  •  Using the Gateway enables connections to work across most firewalls. You won’t need to change firewall settings on your home PC or work PC to connect, as long as you have been given permission to Remote Connect to a system by your IT team and your University PC is turned on or in Standby.
  •  Unlike using the VPN, the Remote Desktop Connection sends very limited traffic to the University.  This enables you to use your Internet Service Providers connection instead of the University network to send and receive your other data over the remote connection, so your home PC experience should be faster.

Please note:  When accessing information via any offsite connections please refer to the Information Security policies in regard to the transfer of University information.

Please note: We don't officially support other computer platforms with this service, but it is possible to connect using Linux and iPad/iPhone systems if you want to give it a try yourself. See the manual settings section below: You'll often need to use the gateway server name : UOB-GATEWAY.cse.bris.ac.uk in any configuration.