Getting started

Getting Started

Check that you have the free Remote Desktop Connection software on your system.   You'll need to have permission to Remote Connect to most windows computers within the University.  The IT Service Desk can arrange this for your personal PC.

Windows XP and Vista have built-in software located in “Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection”.

To get the best experience you should try and install the latest version (7.0)

Windows 7 has built-in software, but you might want to get the latest version (8.0)

Windows 8 has built in software

Apple Mac OS X – You can download the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the OSX App Store free of charge.

iOS (IPads, Iphones) -  Download  the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the iOS App Store store free of charge.

Android (Phones and Tablets) - Download  the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the Google Play Store  free of charge.

Linux (all distros) - You will need an RDP Client that can support elements of RDP V6.  Standard packages like RDesktop won't work with our load balancing setup (there's lots of server) and can behave oddly, sometimes disconnecting you or not allowing logon :  we'd suggest looking at the Free RDP Project - download the program from

Google ChromeBooks (chrome OS) - Unfortunately, Google don't build in any kind of support for RDP connections to Chromebooks.