Student laptop and mobile clinic

The laptop and mobile clinic is a free service to help students who are having problems with laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Mobile devices

Opening Times

  • This weeks opening hours: weekdays from 2pm to 5pm.
  • Hawthorns Refectory study centre (downstairs)

We will look at Windows, Mac and Linux laptops; plus smartphones and tablets. We can only help with software and configuration problems, (particularly where you are having difficulty connecting to University wireless, email or other UoB services). We can't solve every problem, but are happy to look and see what we can do. If we don't fix it we can also provide advice on what to do next, information to help you fix the problem yourself or suggestions about who else you can contact.

We can't repair hardware, only software. For example we can't upgrade the memory on your laptop or change the hard drive. However, if you do have a hardware issue we can advise you on what to do next.

Please bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone and its power supply. If you want help copying files from your computer then please bring a large memory stick or USB hard drive. You might also want to bring a book, if it might take us some time to fix!

What other help is available?

Based in Langford

If you are based at the Vets School in Langford then local support is available for your device. See the Langford Laptop and Mobile Clinic page for more details.

For laptops

You can telephone the IT Service Desk. That’s the first call for help, but for more detailed problems where we need to see the device then students can also try the laptop and mobile clinic. Staff also have IT support in their department and faculty, but this does not cover personally owned devices.

For information for home users including hardware, software, security, Internet access & library resources see the home computer users website.

For mobile devices

The Mobile Technology website has advice and support for mobile users, a good place to look if you are having difficulty in connecting a smartphone to University wireless, email or calendar.

For staff

Please speak to the IT Service Desk, who will advise on routes for assistance. The Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic is not available for staff, visitors to the University or members of the public.

Feedback and statistics

The Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic has been running since 2008 and helps almost 2,000 people every year. Below are some comments from customers who have visited us this year.

  • "Friendly, adaptable and clearly knowledgeable about the subject, he sorted my laptop connectivity problems swiftly, and with a jolly demeanour! "
  • "So very pleased with the help I had - I now have everything I needed, in the form that I asked for. All delivered in a patient and unpatronising way. "
  • "I was so relieved to have my problem solved so quickly, after what had been a very frustrating couple of hours. Many thanks. "
  • "Amazing service and very calm and nice staff when you're really stressed. Thank you so much! "
  • "very helpful and informative! friendly and approachable. "
  • "Very quick and solved all my problems. "
  • "Extremely professional students with phenomenal skill and patience. Grateful to have their help."