Docking network in departments

Some areas within the Chemistry, Engineering and Medical Schools have a facility to connect personally owned portable computers to the wired network in labs and offices. Such laptops are placed on a separate network segment in order to help protect other computers.

Access via the docking network will be slower than using eduroam wireless or the normal departmental network, and restrictions are in place (and are likely to be increased) to protect systems on the main University network from security problems brought in on home computers used on the docking network.

This facility is most commonly used by postgrads who in some cases may prefer to use their personal laptops. The docking network may also be appropriate for final year undergraduate project students if supported by their supervisor.

The use of the docking network is deprecated, in favour of using the University's wireless services.

If you wish to connect a personally owned computer in an office, laboratory or other private area within your department, please contact your departmental IT support staff.

The procedure to connect to the Internet at a docking network point is identical to the instructions to access the UoB VPN from off-site.