Buying IT equipment

Select from our recommended range

Benefits of selecting a recommended model:

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Extended warranty and repair
  • A high level of support
  • IT teams have in-depth experience with recommended models
  • Many models are held on-site to ensure faster delivery

Please ensure you quote a University budget code - we are unable to process an order request without this. Please contact your Finance team if you are unsure what code to use as IT Services is unable to identify the correct budget code on your behalf.

A small number of IT hardware/software orders will qualify for VAT exemption only if the items are being used for medical research or training here in the University. However, some sources of funding do not qualify for VAT exemption irrespective of what the intended use is. If in any doubt please contact your Finance team before contacting IT Services to raise the order as the University cannot add/remove VAT once the order is placed.

Purchasing IT accessories

For some small IT items and accessories any member of University staff can self-purchase these via the Marketplace in MyERP (view the help on purchasing from the Marketplace in MyERP). There is no need to contact IT Services to order such items.

The product categories available for self-purchase include keyboards, mice, joysticks, display stands/arms/anti-glare screens, speakers, headsets, bags/cases, ergonomic accessories, laptop power adapters, USB cables, network patch cables, electrical extension leads, media storage cases.

NB. The IT accessory product categories unavailable for self-purchase include all types of storage, e.g. external hard disk, memory stick, etc. Such orders need to be raised with IT Services by contacting the IT Services Desk.

Who pays for what?

For details of what IT Services will fund please refer to the guidelines at

Can you buy IT hardware and make an expense claim?

Under the Finance Travel and Subsistence Policy (UoB only) you should not purchase IT items from expenses as the expense claim will typically be rejected.

We recognise that in some emergency situations you may need to purchase items and therefore we offer the following guidance on flexibility in these circumstances, An advisory note on Expense Claims for IT equipment/software (PDF, May 2014).

Cannot find what you want?

Contact the IT Services Desk and/or speak to your Faculty IT Support Team to seek advice on such purchases.

Please provide a brief outline of your requirements, what it is you are trying to achieve and what level of support you may require. By all means obtain a quote from a University approved supplier and include this. The more information we have the quicker and easier such purchases typically are.