Buying IT equipment

Select from our recommended range

Benefits of selecting a recommended model:

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Extended warranty and repair
  • IT teams have in-depth experience with these models
  • Some models are held on-site to ensure faster delivery

Purchasing other items

For small IT items please purchase through My ERP. Help on MyERP

For larger purchases please contact your Zonal IT team or contact IT Services Desk.

Who pays for what?

For details of what IT Services pay for please refer to the guidelines at

Guidance on purchasing IT equipment on expenses

Under the Finance Travel and Subsistence Policy (UoB only) you should not purchase IT items from expenses.

We recognise that in some emergency situations you may need to purchase items locally and therefore we offer the following guidance on flexibility in these circumstances, An advisory note on Expense Claims for IT equipment/software (PDF, May 2014).

Can't find what you want?

Contact the IT Services Desk to get advice from IT Services or alternatively speak to your Zonal IT team.

Further information

  • Servers - In the first instance please contact IT Services' Infrastructure Group via the IT Service Desk. Please provide a brief outline of your requirements.