Energy usage

  • Windows and Linux Server Systems should use IT Services' virtualised infrastructure wherever possible
  • Managed Windows desktops, laptops and tablets have power saving features enabled by default and resulting power usage monitored through our Configuration Management system
  • With other devices users should ensure that available power saving features are enabled as appropriate
Windows and Linux Server Systems
  • Hardware is concentrated in a machine room with appropriate environmental controls and monitoring
  • Common hardware ensures flexibility and availability
  • Multiple virtual systems can be maintained on each device
  • Systems only consume the hardware resources their activity requires, if they require additional resource they can move automatically to less busy hardware
  • Additional systems can be made available at periods of high demand
Managed Windows desktops, laptops and tablets
  • The University's Windows desktop, laptop and tablet estate consists overwhelmingly of hardware that is compatible with power management
  • The standard Windows Operating Systems supported by IT Services are compatible with power management
  • Maintenance tasks (including anti-virus Full Scans and software installations and upgrades are configured to run out of hours
  • Windows systems are configured to enter a sleep state after a certain period of inactivity, the system can quickly resume normal functions by mouse or keyboard activity.
  • Outside typical working hours the system will eventually hibernate (i.e. save its state to disk), there is a slight penalty in terms of the time taken to return to a normal.
  • A system that is shut down will continue to use almost as much power as a system in a sleep state, and exactly the same amount as a system that has entered hibernation, but maintenance tasks will then take place while the system is in use
  • A system that is switched off entirely - that is unplugged or off at the wall socket - obviously cannot be wasting energy since none is being used, but maintenance tasks will then take place while the system is in use