Student IT Survey 2009

Following on from a student IT survey in 2007 (PDF) we conducted a follow up survey open to all Bristol students in March 2009.

While not a direct comparison with 2007 we hoped that the survey would provide us with a valuable insight into the views of students on the IT services available at Bristol and to see if there was any significant change in habits or needs of students.

Over 1,400 responses were received with students across all faculties, nationalities and years were represented, including undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate students. First year undergraduates, with 376 respondents, were the largest group.  Just under 55% of participants were female students.

Supporting information

  • Appendix A - Freeform responses to suggestions for new or extended services. (Word, 109KB)
  • Appendix B - Freeform responses asking about the easiest /convenient aspects of IT services (Word, 87KB)
  • Appendix C - Freeform responses asking about the most frustrating aspects of IT services. (Word, 138KB)
  • Appendix D - Freeform responses asking if there was one thing students could change what would it be. (Word, 81KB)
  • Presentation on the 2009 student IT survey (PowerPoint, 1.5MB)