Staff IT survey 2012

Following on from a student IT survey in 2012, we conducted a survey open to all University of Bristol staff in February 2012. 968 responses were received. This accounts for around 18% of the total number of staff.

The survey included a number of multiple choice and freeform response questions. Responses to the freeform questions were read and categorised to identify themes.

Supporting documents (UoB access only)

  • Appendix A  (PDF) - Freeform responses explaining the reasons for using free web based tools or non standard software.
  • Appendix B (PDF) - Freeform responses regarding IT communications and how they can be improved.
  • Appendix C (PDF) - Freeform responses regarding requested IT training.
  • Appendix D (PDF) - Freeform responses on MyBristol use.
  • Appendix E (PDF) - Freeform responses about the best things provided by IT.
  • Appendix F (PDF) - Freeform responses on what staff would like to see changed.

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