IT Services - Senior Management Team

Keith Woolley, Chief Information Officer (starting in November 2018)

Responsible for the Digital Strategy and direction of development, support and provision of information systems, processes and services for the University.



Rachel Bence
Dr Rachel Bence, Director of IT Services

Overall responsibility for the operational activity for the IT Services Division.

Simon Burbidge, Director, Advanced Computing
Simon Burbidge, Director, Advanced Computing/HPC


Provides strategic, technical and operational leadership of the Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) - a University-wide facility providing advanced research computing capability, in particular within the fields of High Performance Computing (HPC) and research data storage.


Pete Walker Head of Support
Pete Walker, Head of Support


Responsible for leading the Support group – the Service Desk, Faculty IT Support Teams, Devices and Training team.



, Head of Governance
Gina Nason, Head of Governance


Responsible for the IT Governance group, encompassing, information security management, audit & risk management, software licensing and management, budget management and forecasting, solutions architecture, service architecture/standards and communications within and outside the University.


Graeme Cappi, Head of Platfroms
Graeme Cappi, Head of Platfroms


Overall management of network, wirless and telephone services and the servers and storage for business systems and corporate data.  

, Head of Projects
Verity Saunders, Head of Projects


Responsible for the oversight of IT project methodology and project management assurance for internal and corporate IT projects.



David Minahan, Head of Digital Solutions
David Minahan, Head of Digital Solutions


  Leads the Solutions Group responsible for the development and operation of IT systems University-wide.

Nick Skelton
Nick Skelton, Programme Director (Digital Workspace Programme).


Leading on the Digital Workspace Programme.