Windows 10 - before the upgrade

Before the upgrade to Windows 10

We'll tell you when your computer is ready to upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Follow the checklist below before starting the upgrade to make sure you don't lose data.
  • If others use the computer as well as you (e.g. a team PC/laptop), they should log in and do this too. They may have files stored locally on it.
  • Any Administrator or Elevated User Rights (EUR) you had pre-upgrade should automatically be carried over.

Back up your files

  • Any files you might have saved locally on a hard drive (e.g. 'C' drive) will be deleted during the upgrade.
  • If you know you've partitioned your hard drive, you'll need to back up your data from all partitions as they will be erased.

Back up your bookmarks

You'll lose any saved favourites/bookmarks (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome) during the upgrade.