Policy and application for Linux Virtual Machine (VM) Provisioning on the Hyper-V Platform

One of the most significant service offerings of the IT Services Unix Team is the provision of Linux ‘server’ facilities for IT operational, research and teaching groups and individuals. Our server provisioning preference and facilities are in the form of virtual machines (VMs) on the Microsoft Hyper-V (virtualisation) platform. There are exceptions to this general preference. One example would be the request for server facilities to host a high performing database. Where appropriate we will consider hardware server provisioning if virtual servers are not suitable.

Below you will find a document defining the Standard Linux VM offerings and outlines the procedure for users and groups to follow, to attain VMs for operational, research and teaching purposes. There is also a link to the request from for this service.

The guidance aims to define the scope so that IT Services are able to effectively and responsively support, maintain, upgrade and manage the complete life-cycle of the VMs that we provide.