Service Level Agreements

IT Services are working to document and agree Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for its services. A typical Service Level Agreement will outline the terms of a service, for example:
  •  key features and levels of service
  •  service support
  •  fault management.

In September 2016 a new grading system for SLAs was introduced, to address the requirement for a variation in support for different services. In the model there are 3 classifications of service level; Gold, Silver, Bronze (SLA templates displayed below). All new services from this point will be supported by one of these SLAs. Existing services will remain on their current SLAs, until which time the infrastructure and resources are in place to meet their required service level.

Lists of services, by level, will also be displayed here and will be updated termly (currently only the Bronze services are listed, but Silver and Gold lists will be added shortly). If you are unsure which SLA relates to your service then please contact your Technical Service Owner.

Lists of services


IT Services has a separate Generic Service Level Agreement to support incidents relating to services and is referenced by each individual service level agreement.