IT Services: Action Plan 2015

Introduction to the IT Action Plan

We initiated a number of reviews into research support, HPC and general IT support in 2012-13 to help identify ways forward and allow us to define an action plan to support medium to long term plans. The aim was to ensure the University is positioned to provide efficient, flexible and sustainable technological solutions. Achieving this goal requires IT Services to understand the needs of the University, ensure that we understand the future trends and demands we must meet, and plan to implement these changes with available resources. 

We must also recognise that this is an ongoing process, hence the need to establish structures that allow for review and effective communications with stakeholders. It is also equally important to deliver concrete actions, this is not a paper exercise but a process of continual service improvement.

Action Plan


The Action Plan draws together recommendations from the three reviews and a range of initiatives and projects:

  • CIO objectives
  • Data Centre
  • MyFiles storage stabilisation
  • National Student Survey (NSS)
  • Student Engagement
  • Professional Services Quality Survey (PSQS)
  • Problem Team

 The Action Plan sets out a series of actions grouped into five themes as follows.

  • Governance and internal organisation
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research
  • Service Delivery
  • Technology