Roles and Responsibilities

​​​​​​​​Service Roles and Responsibilities​​

​​​​Technical Service Manager (IT Services)

​Service Owner (University)



  • ​​Accountable for delivering the service to the agreed service levels (for example, meeting availability targets).  

  • Manages agreed system configuration changes.  

  • Responsible for adaptive maintenance, patching and security upgrades.  

  • Responsible for testing changes, upgrades to the service and maintaining a suitable test system. This would include creating appropriate test scripts or automated testing capability.   

  • Responsible for making sure adequate support is in place for the service, in and out of hours including if a major incident occurs.  

  • Responsible for second and third line support of service (or where the service is hosted by a 3rd party, the service integrations).  ​ 

  • Accountable for day-to-day service management (e.g. settings and permissions).  

Documentation & Training 

Documentation & Training ​

  • Accountable and responsible for entering, updating and retiring the service accurately into the Service Catalogue (including technical details for all services), Interface Catalogue and Configuration Management Database.  
  • Ensuring that support materials and documentation are provided and maintained (for service completely supported by IT Services). 
  • Responsible for documenting, updating, managing and testing the service restoration plan.  
  • Responsible for completing any Technical Options Analysis (in conjunction with the Architecture team) required during an initial project to set up the service, or replacement of the service. 
  • ​Manages: first line support; training; communications to users in the case of changes to the system; supporting documentation.  
  • ​Ensures that the service is accurately defined in the Service Catalogue (in terms of details to be published to the University).  






  • ​Responsible for monitoring and reporting on system availability and capacity and flagging any issues to the Service Owner and IT Services as appropriate.  

  • Reviews service regularly and identifies new requirements.  

  • ​Monitors service performance from a user perspective.  

  • ​Reviews service regularly and identifies new requirements. 


Communication ​

  • Represents the service at Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings. Raising and closing out change requests as appropriate. 

  • Key contact for the service with the Zone Team Leader and provides expert knowledge of the service to them as required.  

  • Trigger internal (within IT Services) and external (to the rest of the University) communications about service downtimes (planned and unplanned), changes and releases using current agreed communications processes, in co-operation with the Service Owner 

  • ​Escalate issues within IT Services. 

  • ​Liaises with Technical Services Manager and or Third Party Service Owner about service performance and service changes.  

  • First point of contact for user queries and issues.  

  • Escalates issues to​ the relevant functional owner. 

​Planning & Decision Making 

​Planning & Decision Making ​

  • ​Proactively assume ownership of problems and major incidents affecting the service, lead on investigation, resolution and reporting.  

  • Key technical decision maker.  

  • Making decisions about the service (for example, in the Change Management process).  

  • Sets roadmap and obsolescence plan with Service Owner.  

  • Working with the Service Owner to establish a support plan for critical service dates or annual events (e.g. Graduation or Confirmation).

  • ​Key user decision maker representing the users’ interests. 

  • Included in all discussions and key decisions about service.  

  • Sets roadmap and obsolescence plan with Technical Service Manager. 

  • ​Delegates responsibilities as appropriate.​