New service process

​​Detailed process for New Services

Have a chat to IT Business Partner about your ideas.

  • A Project Proposal document​ should be used at this stage as it is a good prompt of things to consider when starting something new. You should be able to complete this document by yourself before meeting with the IT Business Partner.
  • The Business Partner will inform IT Services of the idea for the new service and a Technical Service Manager will be assigned.

After the initial chat, we will need you to define your requirements to help us find the right service with you.

  • A folder will be created on the SharePoint where templates of relevant documents will be saved.
  • Sections One and Two of New Service Definition Document (which explain your detailed requirements) will need to be completed at this stage. This will be used to assess your requirements in terms of the level of service provided to you. This will be reviewed by the Services Manager.
  • Within the New Service definition you will need to assign roles , to help you do this there is some guidance on roles and responsibilities for services.​
  • Privacy Impact Assessment will need to be completed to assess how the service will handle sensitive data. This will be reviewed by Secretary's Office.

Based on your requirements, we will help you choose the right service. Ensuring that the supplier keeps your data safe and that the service is properly integrated with any other services.

  • Choose a supplier based on the requirements you have identified in the previous stage. Where the requirements are likely to result in a contract value over £25k over four years, you must consult with Procurement.
  • .
  • Section Three of the New Service Definition Document will need to be completed to evaluate that the security standards agree with those of the University. This will be reviewed by the  Information Security team.
  • Section Four of the New Service Definition Document (Technical Requirements) will need to be completed to evaluate the technical impact of the new service and how it will fit in the University's architecture. This will be reviewed by the Architecture Team.

Next, we would need you to test that the system works and ensure it fits your requirements.

  • Review Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • The service will need to be tested, to ensure that it is fit for purpose and fit for use. Technical Service Manager can help you to ensure that the system is properly tested.
  • You will also require a disaster recovery plan​ that would be prepared by the 3rd party or your Technical Service Manager.
  • New Service Go-Live Readiness Checklist​ is used to check off that everything is in good working order and all interested parties are prepared for the service to go live. This will be reviewed by the Services Manager and ITIL Lead & Change Manager.
  • The service requires approval from the Change Advisory Board (CAB) to make it live. This is a representative group of IT Services staff, who work as a quality control function, ensuring that any risks are known and accepted or mitigated and that the live environment is ready to receive the new service. It is also a useful group to communicate to about the new service.

Your new service is ready to use!