IT Business Partners

The IT Business Partners will work in partnership with representatives from Faculties, School, Divisions and other organisational units to help identify IT requirements and support the effective delivery of defined solutions and initiatives.

The Business Partner will act as an advocate for these new initiatives within IT Services and work to:

  • Help inform decision making
  • Align decisions with strategic objectives and existing initiatives
  • Identify opportunities to achieve value for money
  • Document core requirements and raise proposals via IT Services’ processes
  • Act as a contact point in IT Services to provide high quality advice and support and facilitate contact with other groups within IT Services
  • Act as a point of escalation for issues
  • Monitor and report back on the progress of ongoing projects and work.

New projects and services could include:

  • The development and implementation of new services, e.g. administrative, teaching and/or research systems
  • New buildings and refurbishments
  • Large scale moves of staff and facilities
  • New teaching spaces
  • Establishing new research groups

The IT Business Partner Team augments existing IT Services’ contacts and relationships and does not replace them.

Early engagement with an IT Business Partner maximises the opportunity to identify and deliver the most appropriate solution.

Team Members and Areas of Responsibility

The IT Business Partner Team is made up of:

Contacting the IT Business Partner Team

Please email Include your contact details, including phone number if it is not on the Contact Directory, and as much information as you can relating to your request.