Business Partners

IT Services wishes to better meet the academic and business needs of Faculties and Schools through regular conversations about the role of IT.

Communications should involve a two-way transfer of information and plans and different contacts will be needed to ensure short-term, medium and strategic requirements are covered.

Day-to-day contact will be via the IT Service Desk and Faculty IT Support Team leaders. In addition, we have a team of Business Partners. The overarching purpose of this role will be to provide a contact for conversations about major change requirements, significant issues and strategy.

The Business Partners (BP) team exists to increase the number and quality of contacts between IT Services and University stakeholders. To act - as much as is possible - as a single point of contact for end-users and ensure a two-way exchange of information, needs and plans. Business Partners are intended to augment, not replace, existing points of contact.

Role & Purpose of Business Partners

  • To support Faculty/School/Service business plans so that technology is used effectively to underpin the business activity.
  • To explore new and innovative ways to deliver services within the Faculty/School/Service which reduces overall technology and environmental costs.
  • Provide high level advice to Faculty/School/Service in undertaking requirements analyses and/or developing business cases for new or enhanced IT services.
  • Inform Faculty/School/Service about IT plans in other areas that may bring additional business benefits.
  • Analyse and collate high-level information from Faculty/School/Service to help identify common needs or trends to inform IT strategies and future plans.
  • Represent Faculty/School/Service interests to the full Senior Management Team in IT Services.
  • Channel requests to Faculty IT Support Team Leaders and/or other IT experts as required.