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Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors for 2016/17

8 February 2017

Medium-term Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2016-2017

4 July - 5 Sept 2016

Professor Richard Jackson,
University of Otago, New Zealand

Professor Timothy EdmundsSPAIS

A New Politics of Peace? Investigations in Contemporary Pacificism and Nonviolence
15 August - 4 Oct 2016

Professor Martha Savage,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Dr James Wookey, 
Earth Sciences

Measuring seismic anisotropy in the crust

7 July - 7 September 2016

Professor Baoyu Jiang,
Nanjing University, China

Professor Michael Benton,
Earth Sciences

Hair, Skin and Colours in Fossil Archosaurs
3 Sept - 21 Dec 2016

Dr Henry Daniel
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr Catherine Hindson (Theatre)
and Dr Angela Piccini 
(Film and Television)

Contemporary Nomads: Re-Choreographing Cortical and Cartographical Maps
30 Jan - 24 Feb 2017

Professor Steven Vanderputten,
Ghent University, Belgium

Dr Benjamin Pohl,
Who changed what, and Why? Early Modern Perceptions of Monastic Reformers in the Tenth- and Eleventh-century West
March 2017

Associate Professor Mark Skidmore,
Montana State University, USA

Professor Martyn Tranter,
Geographical Science
Investigating Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in Subglacial Lakes
Spring 2017

Dr Olav Krigolson,
University of Victoria, Canada

Dr Dave Turk,
Experimental Psychology
Applying Novel Technology for Electrophysiology Research to Translational and Developmental Research Questions
May - June 2017

Professor Nicholas Rogers,
York University, Canada

Dr Richard Sheldon,
Rethinking History from Below/ Bristol muster rolls and maritime culture c. 1740-1800

Fast-track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professors 2016-2017

Date of VisitName and InstitutionBristol Host DetailsTopic of Research
23 Sept - 16 Oct 2016

Dr Maria Prokopenko,
Pomona College, California, USA

Professor Laura Robinson,
Earth Sciences

 Reconstructing the history of the marine nitrogen cycle using deep sea corals
16 - 21 October 2016

Professor Howard Giles,
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Dr James Hawkey,
Modern Languages

Future Directions of Studying Communication and Language

15 - 25 Oct 2016

Dr Alisa Velonis,
University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Professor Gene Feder,
Social and Community Medicine

Understanding the Mechanisms that Trigger Change: What our Realist Review Taught Us about Batterer Intervention Programs

23 - 28 Oct 2016

Professor Alan Tuckett,
University of Wolverhampton, England

Mr Tom Sperlinger,

Universities, Learning Cities and Engaging Under-represented Communities

7 - 12 Nov 2016

Professor Peter Marx,
University of Cologne, Germany

Dr Katja Krebs,

Bi-lateral relations between the Theatre Collections at Universities Bristol and Cologne

25 Jan - 20 Feb 2017

Dr Brian Ference,
Wayne State University/ National Centre for Cardiovascular Disease, Beijing 

Professor George Davey-Smith,
Social and Community Medicine

Beyond Causality: using naturally randomized genetic evidence to inform the design and anticipatae the results of randomized trials

30 Jan - 19 Feb 2017

Dr Renata Pepicelli,
LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome

Dr Tamar Hodos,
Archaeology and Anthropology

Migrations in the Mediterranean region. An intersectional approach to the
study of Muslim diasporas in Europe

11 - 23 March 2017 Professor Eithne Luibheid, 
University of Arizona, USA
Dr Katherine Charsley,
Sociology, Politics and International Studies
Transforming Citizenship: Intimate Ties and Migrant Deportations
13 - 17 March 2017 Professor Sean Field,
University of Vermont, USA
Dr Ian Wei,
Women, Power and Religion in Capetian France
16 March - 6 April 2017 Professor Todd Martinez,
Stanford University, USA
Dr David Glowacki,
Understanding biological light harvesting using high-performance molecular dynamics
25 March - 2 April 2017 Professor Sun-Jin Yun,
Seoul National University, S.Korea
Dr Karen Bell,
Policy Studies
Socially Just Transitions to Sustainability
1 - 30 April 2017 Professor Pascal Hubert,
McGill University, Canada
Professor Michael Wisnom, 
Aerospace Engineering
Net shape processing of complex composite structures
12 April - 9 May 2017 Dr Rodrigo de Oliveira,
State University of Paraiba, Brazil
Dr Jeroen van Duijneveldt,
Use of polyphosphates to modify clay soils: A new tool for tackling a fast-approaching global food crisis
 April 2017
(2 weeks)
Dr Janet Catov,
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Dr Abigail Fraser,
Social and Community Medicine
Cardiometabolic and reproductive profiles from menarche to menopause: synergistic pathways to cardiovascular disease in women?
24 April - 7 May 2017 Professor Asifa Majid,
Radboud University, The Netherlands
Professor Fiona Jordan,
Archaeology and Anthropology

Language, culture, and cognition: interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of concepts



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