Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorships

These professorships are open to nominations from any University Department or School. Their main purpose is to bring distinguished researchers from abroad and elsewhere in the UK to Bristol in order to enhance the research activity of the University.

The Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship (BMVP) scheme was founded in 1976 from a bequest from the estate of the businessman Benjamin Meaker. The award covers travel, accommodation and subsistence (up to £800 per month) and takes three forms:

Curiosity-led research is key, and to get interesting thinkers willing to spend a few weeks or months here is a real resource.

Jeffrey Bowers, Experimental Psychology

In Geographical Sciences we have had Benjamin Meakers with interests ranging from philosophy to glaciology. Only IAS supports this breadth of scholarship on a pure "quality and opportunity" basis.

Robert Mayhew, Geographical Sciences