IEU presentations

IEU researchers make presentations at conferences, workshops and external seminar series throughout the year. This page features some of the cutting-edge outputs from IEU research.

George Davey Smith – March 2021

Professor George Davey Smith presents on historical considerations of individual and population immunity in the age of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Golam Khandaker – Feburary 2021

Professor Golam Khandaker talks about the role of the immune system in depression at the George Washington University biomedical cross-disciplinary seminar series.

Gemma Sharp – October 2020

Dr Gemma Sharp gives a talk "Triangulating causal evidence study prenatal influence on offspring health" at the Berlin Epidemiological Methods Colloquium.

Gibran Hemani – June 2020

Dr Gibran Hemani gives the talk "New Data on COVID 19 is undermined by old statistical problems" at the Jean Golding Institute Data Week Online. The talk starts at 3.20 mins.

Marcus Munafo – June 2020

Professor Marcus Munafò talks about research ecosystems and incentives at the Kings Open Research Conference. 

Tom Richardson – April 2020

Dr Tom Richardson talks about the principles of Mendelian randomization for molecular traits. 

George Davey Smith – January 2020

George Davey Smith of the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit talks about some constraints on the scope and potential of personalised medicine.  University Centre for Personalised Medicine, Oxford, UK.

George Davey Smith – May 2019

Professor George Davey Smith of the MRC Integrative Epidemiology unit, as visiting Professor at University of California, Los Angeles in May 2019. Unfortunately the recording is not very distinct and cut off Judea Pearl in the middle of his response. The Book of Why presentation transcription (PDF, 259kB)Book of Why Presentation Slides (PDF, 3,664kB)

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