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We have come a long way in four years

Student showcase 2020

7 July 2020

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is celebrating four years of work with the unveiling of the Student Showcase 2020 that offers an insight into the Innovation Programmes final year projects

In 2016 partners from industry and a forward-thinking academic team from the University of Bristol set out to reimagine education, to meet a skills gap needed to prepare students to succeed in this fast-paced, changing world through founding the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

Over the last four years the Innovation students have worked in multi-disciplinary teams with real clients to experience and design solutions to problems that meet the needs of society today. They have developed a capability for innovation while learning about the technological, social and political influences on design and innovation. Many have made a difference to the industry they have worked within; others have created new entrepreneurial endeavours. All have connected the principles of innovation and enterprise to their core discipline.

Professor Kirsten Cater, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, said, “Our aim was to graduate the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with the adaptability, agility, transdisciplinary and innovative thinking to make positive differences in an ever-changing world. Having worked with this first graduating cohort from the Innovation Programmes for the last four years, I can proudly say that we have achieved our aims, become a multi-award winning Centre, and will be graduating a cohort of fantastic innovators and entrepreneurs who will be the change makers of our future”.

This month the curtain will come down on four years of hard work as the first graduating cohort will progress from formal teaching at the Centre, to become friends and mentors to those that follow.

“I am so delighted to see this remarkable cohort of students graduate. The development of the Centre has been a long and successful journey in which these students have played a central role. The educational mission of the Centre is a game changer for the University and sets the scene for its future. Kirsten, her colleagues, and these graduates can take great pride in their achievements which far outstrip my expectations and match my highest hopes for the Centre in its formation. I am certain that this generation of graduates from the Centre will be the first of many to go on to change the world for the better – and we all surely need them to do so.” Professor Guy Orpen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Having been supported by the Centre’s interdisciplinary, challenge-led, applied approach to learning our students’ final year projects demonstrate they are ready to innovate through an emerging or established organisation. Project’s include:

  • High tech software as a service product aimed at the creative industries that uses machine learning to speed up the production of 3D assets for games and TV production.
  • Service design project that imagines how responsibility for NHS records could be put into the hands of the patient
  • Industrial design project that explores the potential of a female urinal to vastly improve the event experience.

Andy Littledale, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship shared, “Their final year projects were incredibly impressive, especially considering that the students had to work remotely under circumstances imposed by Covid-19. The projects are wide in scope and we are very proud of our 2020 graduates and their work”.

You can gain an overview of all our final year projects on the Student Showcase 2020 website.


Further information

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a multi-award winning Centre, based at the University of Bristol, including the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE), Higher Education Team Enterprise Award, Bristol Teaching Awards. The Innovation Programmes bring together students from across 14 different subject disciplines to study innovation and entrepreneurship alongside their core discipline. Starting as undergraduates, after four-years students graduate with a master’s degree.

A students’ view on working with real clients within the degree programme and a video about why to study a core subject with innovation.

To discuss how organisations can benefit from innovate and enterprising students delivering against your live brief, and capable graduates ready for the workforce, get in touch with our enterprise and engagement lead, Neil Coles.

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