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Why you should start a side project

Dave Jarman TedX on Side Projects

28 February 2018

Have you ever had a great idea or productive passion but found taking the step towards the words “I’m an entrepreneur” was a bit too much of a commitment? You might have the makings for a ‘side project.’ Check out Dave Jarman’s talk from TEDxCorsham.

Dave Jarman, Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Centre, recently gave a TED talk as a way to pull together some of the external work he’s been doing on the concept of ‘side projects’; exploring how hobbies evolve into more serious ventures. The term ‘side project’ seems to help ‘amateur’ entrepreneurs take their ventures more seriously and demonstrates how everyone can be entrepreneurial and it needn’t feel like an exclusive or elite club.

 The talk was delivered on Friday 19th January at TEDxCorsham.

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