Diverse Recruiters Pilot Programme


Unconscious bias is a positive or negative mental attitude towards a person, thing or group that is held at an unconscious level and that is informed by our own backgrounds and personal experiences.  We also have positive associations with our ‘in-groups’ and negative associations with our ‘out-groups’ and this can lead us to act in a friendlier manner with people who we perceive to be like us.  In an interview setting, this may lead us to evaluating those candidates who are most like us more highly than those who are different from us. 

We can achieve more fairness and improve the quality of decision making if we have a commitment to question where unconscious bias might be influencing decisions.  It is on this basis that we are piloting the Diverse Recruiters initiative in partnership with Bristol City Council.  This initiative will enable us to develop a pool of specially trained staff drawn from the University and from the Council who can join interview panels as an equal member and who will be trained in identifying and challenging bias.  Recruiting Managers will be able to request a Diverse Recruiter as the need arises: University staff will be Diverse Recruiters for Bristol City Council and Bristol City Council staff will be Diverse Recruiters for the University. 

Please note that this will initially be a six-month pilot programme focusing on Professional Services roles only.

All applicants must be currently employed by the University as a member of staff and must be available to complete a briefing session that will be held on Thursday 16th April from 13.45 to 16.30 at the Council House, College Green.

Benefits of becoming a Diverse Recruiter

Even if you are an experienced recruiter, there are many benefits to becoming a Diverse Recruiter. They include:

  • professional development
  • networking opportunities
  • an improved understanding of how other organisations work
  • a chance to shape the Diverse Recruiters programme and help improve diversity at the University, Bristol City Council and future partner organisations

Your role on the interview panel will be to:

  • ask questions
  • score candidate responses
  • tell candidates about our approach to diverse recruitment
  • advise managers and other interview panel members on diversity and inclusion
  • spot and challenge unconscious bias
  • bring an external perspective to the decision-making process

You will:

  • be passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • have already attended the University’s Fair & Effective Recruitment training or undertaken the University’s online Diversity & Inclusion training session
  • be good at listening and asking questions
  • be able to deal with sensitive issues objectively and professionally

We aim to identify ten members of our staff to participate in this pilot programme.  If you are interested in applying and are able to attend the training session that will be delivered on 16th April please complete and return the application as soon as possible.


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