Parents & Carers Network

Who we are

The Network is for staff who are parents (in any context) to children of any age and for those who are balancing work with caring for an ill, elderly, or disabled family member, friend or partner. You don’t need to be recognised by the Government or Benefit Agency as a carer to join the Parents and Carers Network. If you care for someone outside of University working hours and are interested in meeting others in a similar position, we would like to hear from you.

Join us

If you would like to join the Network please join our yammer group for updates and conversations. 


Parents & Carers Network – Open invite!

We want to hear from you! This is an open meeting for current and new members to feedback on what they would like to see from the network. Please join us for an open discussion and give us your ideas about meetings, socials and more. We’ll also be asking for people to join the committee, including committee positions to represent parents, carers, academics, communications and socials. 

Please join us at either of the following:

Tuesday 11th June


Augstines Courtyard, G.07

Wednesday 12th June


8-10 Berkerly Square, Room  1.12

How we can help

Our aim is to facilitate mutual support, to signpost queries and advice and to represent your views to the University.

We support each other and help our colleagues to make the transition into parenthood, or to adapt to a new addition to their family. 

The Network provides an informal setting within which to discuss the various challenges that are presented as children grow up; talking to others who are in the same situation is often the most powerful form of support.

Find out more about the policies and support available from the University


Committee of the Parents and Carers Network

Nadine Nero (Business Analyst, parent to two young children.)

Rachel Coggins (International Adviser in HR, parent to 2 young twin daughters)

Aimee Short (Manager in IT Services, working part-time and parent to 2 children)


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