Acceptable Workplace Behaviour Service

The University has a network of Acceptable Behaviour Supporters who are volunteers trained to provide an informal advisory service to staff experiencing unacceptable behaviour, bullying or harassment at work. They can also support staff who are facing allegations about their own behaviour.

If you would like some advice, please make initial contact directly with one of the Supporters by email, ensuring that you state 'confidential' as the email subject. You are welcome to contact any Supporter directly - they don't necessarily have to be based your own Faculty / Department. 


Confidentiality will be maintained at all times, unless there is an unacceptable risk to the individual, another person or the University. A brief, anonymous record of your discussion will be kept confidentially and will only ever be used for monitoring of trends and themes.

Acceptable Behaviour Supporters

The Acceptable Behaviour Supporters provide an essential and invaluable service at the University. These volunteers provide a safe space for staff to talk through their experiences of unacceptable behaviour, and as such are fundamental in helping to build an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Jeremy Tavare, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences and Stand Up Speak Out Champion
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