LGBT+ Role Models Q&A

Basu Chakrabarty 

Why is it important to be yourself at work? For me, my race, sexuality, and gender identity, are some of the many facets that make me who I am. It is important as it provides a supportive environment for me to be myself, which enables me to excel to my full potential personally and professionally.

Have you ever had to overcome any challenges of being out at work? Making the decision to actually be out at work. Back then, there was a lack of visibility/representation of LGBT+, especially LGBT+ intersectional identities in the workplace. Being aware of the presence of the University of Bristol LGBT+ Staff Network was one of the things that encouraged and enabled me to be myself at work from my first day at the University of Bristol.

What advice would you give to others at the University of Bristol? “You do you, boo.” It is something I try and live by. I do what I can to be myself, and also provide a safe place for individuals around me to be themselves. In the past, I have struggled with my mental health, and have learnt that there is some great support and services available at the University, which have helped me and continue to help my wellbeing.

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