LGBT+ Guidance and Resources

We are proud to be part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme, the leading employers' programme for ensuring all lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) staff are accepted without exception in the workplace. 

Please use the resources and guidance below to make your work inclusive for LGBT+ staff and students.

Inclusivity at Work 

Pronouns Guidance (PDF, 125kB)

Guidance on how to use pronouns in person and for email signatures. 

Questionnaire & Survey Guidance (PDF, 74kB)

Please read our guidance‌ on how to ask questions on gender and sexual orientation alongside titles of address.

Supporting Trans Staff 

This guidance was designed by the EDI team with the support and consultation of transgender staff and students. This is designed for staff to support colleagues and students. 

IT Trans Guidance 

This guidance was designed by EDI team and the IT Team. This is to support any students and staff who wish to change their name, title on the systems.  This is designed for staff to support colleagues and students. 

Additional Support & Guidance 

Gender Neutral Toilets

We are supportive of Bristol SU and NUS campaigns to install more gender neutral toilets (GNTs) across our Estate and as such have adopted the NUS definition of GNTs as ‘toilets and/or bathroom facilities which do not have gendered signage and which do not require the person using them to define into a gender.’

LGBT+ Glossary

A brief guide to common terms used in writing about LGBT+ communities and subjects.

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