Inclusion in a Virtual Workplace

We can all support each other through this unprecedented time. Each of us can be intentional about maintaining a sense of community between those of us who have fully transitioned to homeworking and ensuring that we remain connected to those of us who remain in the workplace.

Staying Connected - Virtual Networks

Join a network for support, advice or just to chat with others in similar situations. Newly added are our Single Parent Support Network, our Self-Care Network, and our Network for Neurodiversity.

SPARK - Sharing Ideas That Make a Difference

What are you doing to promote equality, diversity and inclusion for staff and students?  Share your experiences, challenges and successes to inspire others and spark creativity.

Lockdown Diaries

Out thoughts and experiences during lockdown and beyond.

EDI Resource Hub

Resources for diverse communities and groups affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Their Stories

A valuable insight into the professional and personal journies of people across the University.

Keep Informed

For detailed information for staff at the University with questions or concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), please access the University's dedicated SharePoint site

This is an unsettled and anxious time for all of us and will lead to some of us feeling isolated and disconnected from our workplaces. However, we are now part of what some are calling the biggest homeworking movement that the world has ever seen. This presents a great opportunity for many of us to transform our ways of working enabling many of us to have the freedom to choose when, how and where we work. Now more than ever before we need to pay attention to how we can remain connected with each other while working apart, maintaining a culture of inclusion and a sense of community regardless of our work locations.

Tracy Brunnock, Head of Diversity & Inclusion
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