Diversity & Inclusion at UoB

Our work helps to recruit, support and promote talented individuals from different backgrounds and heritages.  This in turn helps to build a diverse and inclusive University community where people from the broadest possible range of backgrounds can reach their full potential and thrive at work.   

Why we do this

  • Reflecting the diversity of modern Britain and our city

To be a sector leader in diversity and inclusion we must understand and reflect the changing population of the United Kingdom across our staff community.  This in turn will positively influence the experience of a range of students who will see ‘people like them’ represented across the organisation. 

  • Diverse teams = better decisions + better performance

We are all unique and have different ways of seeing the world: all of which influences how we engage with work.  Bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and with different personal circumstances brings a wider range of experience, leading to improved decision-making, innovation and problem solving. 

  • Attracting, developing and retaining the best people 

We want to attract the best possible talent from the broadest range of people.  An inclusive working culture will ensure that diversity can thrive: staff can be themselves, build their careers and stay with us for longer



Everyone should be able to feel free to be themselves. Our diversity and inclusion work is core to promoting wellbeing and personal success for all within the University community.

Robert Kerse, Chief Financial Officer

Equality Diversity Inclusion: Delivery Plan 2019-2022

This plan supports our collective ambition as set out in our university-wide People Plan to build a diverse and inclusive University community. To find out more about what we are doing download Our People: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (PDF, 1,817kB)

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