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Content Management System (University)

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We have produced a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) or what might be termed "a website bulding tool" for the University of Bristol. This is based on the CMS that we have successfully deployed for external customers.

Our CMS allows non-technical staff to create and deploy websites using workflow checks and controls to assist in maintaining website quality. Editors are able to link to central databases to display details of staff, students and courses. Information can be placed in the public domain or restricted within intranets. All sites use a theme based on the University look and feel, but there will be freedom for local designs to be applied.

This is a large scale project involving delivering new designs, new hardware architecture, training, ongoing support and maintenance, developing policies, and migrating content from current websites to the new system.

The technical foundation for the site is the open-source products Plone and Zope.

Project dates
01 Dec 2004

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Project collaborator(s):
Information Services
Public Relations Office
Mr Paul Smith