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NetQuest is a project developing TML Tutorial Mark-up Language, a superset of HTML, to enable tutors and students to create sets of questions for self or course assessment with automatic marking and user authentication if required.

The project aims to provide a large questionset which will act as a central resource, accessible over networks including the World Wide Web, marked up so that the user can request a set of questions on any given topic.

Funded by the University of Bristol's Continuing Professional Development Fund and the charity Baby Lifeline, NetQuest is compiling indexed and searchable "questionbanks" in the subject areas (initially) of geoscience, chemistry, medicine, veterinary science and engineering. These will be complemented by "assessmentware", software which will allow students (for self-assessment) and tutors to grade automatically the tests they have requested.

The next stage will be the development of an NT server version which will allow delivery over an intranet.

Project dates
13 Jun 2010

For further information, see the project's website:

Mr Dan Brickley