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Publication - Dr Simon Price

    Citizen Science and Crowd-sourcing Biological Surveys


    Price, S, Kilbey, DJ, Tredgold, J, Bailey, CP, van Rossum, MJ, Jones, MA & Steer, DM, 2013, ‘Citizen Science and Crowd-sourcing Biological Surveys’. in: Digital Research 2013., Oxford


    We report on the NatureLocator programme of digital research projects centred around the development and use of mobile applications to collect crowd-sourced data for biological surveys. With high-profile coverage by the BBC and other media, the initial NatureLocator project, "Leaf Watch: Conker Tree Science", used a bespoke smartphone app to gather geo-located observational data from members of the public and created the most comprehensive information on the UK distribution of the Leaf-Mining Moth (Cameraria Ohridella) to-date. Subsequent NatureLocator projects have refined and extended this approach to gather research data and raise awareness of other ecological threats.

    Full details in the University publications repository