Climate Emergency Working Group

From climate-induced migration to the disappearance of island states, the possibility of climate wars to the sixth mass extinction, the global impact of the climate crisis is becoming clear, and will be the central cause of insecurity in the 21st century. The Climate Emergency Working Group was formed to explore how the changing climate will impact global security and what can be done to mitigate this. Drawing on our research in environmental politics, disaster management, global justice, development, resistance and resilience, the members of the Climate Emergency Working Group seek to address the biggest challenge that we currently face. Though our membership is inter-disciplinary and we draw upon a variety of methodologies and theoretical perspectives, the group's research is committed to a global and intersectional approach to understanding the climate emergency, whoch highlights the inequalities and power structures that have both caused, and are in turn created by, the climate crisis.


Ashley Dodsworth (lead)

Alix Dietzel

John Downer

Scott Edwards

Eric Herring

Jess Paddock

Columba Peoples

Image credit: Photo by B S K from FreeImages
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