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The Secrecy, Power and Ignorance Research Network (SPIN) Launch

11 November 2019

GIC are pleased to announce the launch of SPIN - the secrecy, power and ignorance research network – a GW4 research group based at the University of Bristol, University of Exeter, Cardiff University and the University of Bath.

SPIN examines the power and politics of secrecy and ignorance – at the global, international, state, societal and personal level. With revelations associated with the War on Terror and the #metoo movement, calls for transparency and ‘open societies’, obfuscations surrounding the climate crisis, new technological developments (including ‘deep fakes’ and cyberthreats), the re-emergence of discourses of ‘fake news’, the deepening of conspiracy cultures, along with the ongoing struggles of marginalised communities to be recognised and acknowledged suggests an increased need to understand the political and social dimensions of secrecy and ignorance. Our work therefore reflects an urgent and ongoing ambition to rethink secrecy and ignorance as forces for driving social and political developments.

To find out more about SPIN, please visit our new website at

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