Investigating the compliance of Child Support Agency clients

Authors: Adele Atkinson, Stephen McKay
Funded by: Department for Work and Pensions
Published by: Corporate Document Services
Publication date: October 2005
Report number: DWP Research Report No 285
ISBN: 1841238899

This is a qualitative research report investigating the reasons for compliance and non-compliance with maintenance assessment orders by clients of the Child Support Agency (CSA). The research explores why some non-resident parents (NRPs) do or do not comply with the requirement to pay child maintenance to the parent of their child or children through the CSA. In addition, the research examines the personal and CSA policy-related factors that influence and determine compliance amongst NRPs. A key objective of the research is to understand how CSA policies and practices operate to influence and improve compliance.

The main element of the research was semi-structured interviews with 80 NRPs. The project also included re-analysis of interviews with NRPs carried out for an earlier study and a review of literature on child support compliance.

The findings from this research were used to feed into the development of effective CSA strategies to improve levels of compliance, and to ensure that parents with care (PWCs) receive the maintenance for their children to which they are entitled through the CSA.

Investigating the compliance of Child Support Agency clients [ Full report (PDF, 293kB) | Research summary (PDF, 50kB) ]

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