Unsafe safety-nets

Authors: Elaine Kempson, Janet Ford, Deborah Quilgars
Funded by: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Published by: Centre For Housing Policy, University of York
Publication date: 1999
ISBN: 1874797889

The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the two main safety net provisions for mortgagors and the interface between them. It found that most people who made a successful claim for mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) managed to avoid arrears. In contrast, many mortgagors whose claims where rejected went on to develop arrears.

Low-income mortgagors were particularly likely to develop arrears. For them, MPPI was harder to afford in the first place, and they were less likely to make a successful claim. If reliant on state provision in the form of Income Support for mortgage interest payments (ISMI), they had few resources to cover the ‘wait’ period and the shortfall in payments.

The study was undertaken jointly by PFRC and the Centre for Housing Policy.

Unsafe safety-nets (PDF, 27kB) (Summary)

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