Overcrowding in Bangladeshi households

Author: Elaine Kempson
Funded by: Housing Corporation, Tower Hamlets Council
Published by: Policy Studies Institute
Publication date: 1999
Report number: PSI Report No. 863
ISBN: 0853747601

In 1999, one in five Bangladeshis lived in overcrowded housing, compared with just one in two hundred of the population as a whole. And Bangladeshis had twice as many people per room as white households, regardless of the size of their property. At the time of this research, no other ethnic group even approached this level of over-crowding.

This report examines the problems faced by Bangladeshis living in overcrowded conditions in Tower Hamlets, in particular the lack of bedroom space and difficulties in relation to bathroom facilities, kitchens and other communal rooms. The report concludes that tackling overcrowding requires a range of interlocking strategies, starting with more effective management of existing housing stock, involving collaboration among all the social housing providers in a local authority area.

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