Tackling financial exclusion: an area-based approach

Authors:  Sharon Collard, Professor Elaine Kempson, Claire Whyley
Funded by: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Published by: The Policy Press
Publication date: June 2001
ISBN: 1861343256

This report identifies and examines a range of potential solutions to meet the needs of people living on the margins of financial services.

Moreover, it provides practical guidance for other local communities wanting to evolve plans for tackling such financial exclusion. Unlike much previous research, this report approaches the problem from the standpoint of those affected. In particular, the report:

  • examines the difficulties and unmet needs for financial services expressed by local people in one community;
  • documents a range of possible solutions to the needs of those suffering financial exclusion, and
  • presents local people‚Äôs assessments of the best ways to tackle the problems of financial exclusion.

Tackling financial exclusion: an area-based approach [ Full report (PDF, 311kB) | Research summary (PDF, 31kB) ]

Further information

Bankers meet residents to hear the truth about financial exclusion (press release, 13 June 2001) [External link]

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