Regression analysis of the unbanked using the 2006-07 Family Resources Survey

Authors: Andrea Finney, Professor Elaine Kempson
Funded by: Financial Inclusion Taskforce
Published by: HM Treasury
Publication date: June 2009

This paper presents the results of regression analysis carried out to identify the socio-demographic characteristics that are independently associated with being 'unbanked'.

Regression analysis is a statistical technique for identifying the extent to which individual socio-demographic characteristics or other 'predictor' variables relate to an outcome of interest (in this case, being unbanked), whilst simultaneously holding constant the influence of all other predictor variables in the analysis. As such, the technique identifies the independent influence of each characteristic of interest, and helps provide an understanding of which of these are more or less important for understanding banking exclusion in the UK.

Regression analysis of the unbanked: using the 2006-07 Family Resources Survey (PDF, 803kB)

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