Open Banking for Good: Moving the dial?

Authors: Sharon Collard and Jamie Evans
Funded by: Nationwide Building Society
Published by: University of Bristol
Publication date: December 2019

Open Banking allows bank and building society customers to securely share their transaction data with third parties that can use the data to deliver personalised services and tools. The target audience for Open Banking tends to be the ‘mass affluent’. Nationwide Building Society’s £3 million Open Banking for Good (OB4G) aims instead to put this technology to use for UK adults who are ‘financially squeezed’.

OB4G also presents a unique opportunity to help build a new evidence base around the potential for technology and innovation to ‘move the dial’ on big social issues. This report sets out the main findings from our evaluation of the design and early implementation of OB4G.

Open Banking for Good: Moving the dial? (PDF, 1,016kB)

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