Groundwater flow and contaminant transport

Contact: Malcolm Anderson

Soil and water pollution as well as water availability are major issues in a society where the industrial pressures on resources are high. The Hydrology Group is interested in understanding and quantifying the complex natural processes through which water and contaminants or nutrients are transported underground in both continuous and fractured porous media.

We have a particular interest in studying the exchanges of water between the surface and the subsurface. This links with other research areas of the Hydrology Group such as flooding, slope stability and erosion, for which it is important to quantify accurately the fraction of water that infiltrates into the gound. We are also interested in soil pollution and the migration of pollutants underground.

Part of this research is done under a collaboration agreement with Electricité de France, with whom we develop the numerical model ESTEL to look at scenarios of radioactive waste storage and nuclear decommisionning.

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