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Being a mentor is a great way to further your connection to the University, get some fresh perspectives from our fantastic current students and reignite the passion for your role.

Mentors offer their time and expertise to students at an earlier stage of their personal and career development. The results can be highly life-changing for a student.

These relationships often continue to develop outside of the scheme, with some students taking up internships and even graduate employment in their mentor’s workplace.

We offer a range of Mentoring Schemes that vary depending on what our students are studying. We know that the academic and career experience mentors can give our students is invaluable so we encourage you to take a look at all our mentoring opportunities to see how each scheme can benefit our students.

If you are interested in participating as a mentor, we would love to hear from you! Email us at

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Placements - Claire Horton, Professional Liaison Administrator
The Bristol Model - Nora Pau, Professional Liaison Administrator
Civic Research Internship Programme - Sally Pheasant, Professional Liaison Administrator
Talks and Events - Holly Bain, Professional Liaison Administrator
Undergraduate Mentoring - Robyn Taylor, Professional Liaison Administrator
Postgraduate Mentoring - Claire Horton, Professional Liaison Administrator
MSc Business Analytics - Alex Barlow, Professional Liaison Administrator
Marketing Applied Extended Project (AEP) - Alex Barlow, Professional Liaison Administrator

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I took part as a mentor as I gained a lot from my time at Bristol and I wanted to take the opportunity to give something back. It was great to find out that things I have learned were useful and interesting to my mentees and it helped me to think about my career and what I enjoy whilst I discussed it with others. I would definitely recommend taking part as a mentor; for a relatively small amount of effort, you can make a big difference for some current students.

Simon Jarvis, Undergraduate Mentor

I get to know many new younger students, they are so fresh and eager to make a big show in the recruitment...Also, we would talk about some latest industry movement, and recent updates of UOB. All of these makes me feel valuable.

Summer Zhang, International Postgraduate Mentor

PLN Talks and Events

We are currently redesigning our industry student talks and creating a new programme of discussions and events on a range of topics.

We will update this page soon with more information and ways for you to get involved.

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