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Professor Sarah Street's 2019 Turner Medal award ceremony and keynote lecture

28 January 2019

Sarah Street will give The Turner Lecture as part of ceremony to mark her award

From the Colour Group  website:

Every two years the Colour Group (Great Britain) invites a distinguished artist or art historian to give The Turner Lecture, named in honour of Britain's greatest colourist. A sterling silver medal is awarded to mark the occasion, and the recipient presents a keynote lecture related to his or her work. 

The Committee of the Colour Group (Great Britain) is pleased to announce that the 2019 Turner Medal will be awarded to Sarah Street. The award ceremony will take place at City University, London, Wednesday 06 February, 2019 when Sarah Street will deliver the keynote Turner Medal Lecture entitled The Art of Film Colour.

What is The Art of Film Colour? This lecture examines themes and problems shared between film and other art forms, while highlighting areas specific to film. Through a range of illustrated examples from the silent era to today’s digital environment, the lecture focuses on key contexts for creative enterprise in colour filmmaking. It identifies issues that present particular challenges, including questions of nomenclature, authenticity and realism, and designing particular colour palettes or ‘looks’ for films. The creative interventions of film technicians and other personnel who used colour in special or skilful ways are discussed in an assessment of film’s contribution to the cultural history of colour.


TURNER LECTURE and Presentation of the Colour Group
Turner Medal to SARAH STREET

The Art of Film Colour

The image is from The Open Road (Claude Friese-Greene, 1925);

Wednesday 06 February 2019 
17.15 hrs
City University
Room R101
Franklin building
124 Goswell Road
London, EC1V 7DP  

Following the presentation of the Turner Medal there will be a wine reception

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