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Dominic Lash publication in Screen

6 July 2017

Department of Film and Television PhD student Dominic Lash has published an article in the latest issue (58:2) of Screen, the leading international journal of film and television studies. Film as Film in the twenty-first century: the function and evaluation of diegesis and disruption explores Victor Perkins' seminal text Film as Film (1972):

The recent death of V.F. Perkins will bring renewed attention to his body of work, including his seminal text (and only full-length book), Film as Film.1 His work first came to attention via his contributions to Movie, a journal he cofounded in 1962 with Ian Cameron, Mark Shivas and Paul Mayersberg (and soon to be joined by Robin Wood), yet it was only with Film as Film, originally published in 1972, that Perkins fully set out his philosophy and methodology of film criticism. 

Read the full article here (requires institution log-in / subscription).

Front cover of Screen 58:2

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