Research seminar series

The River Danube as a Holocaust Landscape: the journey of the ‘Kladovo transport’

Research talk and screening 

Wednesday, November 29, from 3:30-5:00 in the Lecture Room (5.65), Richmond Building. 

In 1939 a large group of Jewish refugees (known in history as the ‘Kladovo transport’) attempted to flee Nazi persecutions via the river Danube. My practice-as-research doctoral project retraces this journey that fatally ended for the majority of passengers in 1941/42. Through filmmaking, I am exploring the potential of cinematic discourse and audio-visual media practice to engage (with) ideas around multiple temporalities inherent in this historical account. I see film as a mode of knowing ideally suited to (re)create the tangible link with the past.

After a brief introduction, Vesna will screen excerpts from her film and invite discussion and conversation around the many issues that it raises. Vesna is a final year PhD student in the Department of Film and Television.

Screen Research Conversation

Wednesday 6th December, 4-5.30 pm, G.113, 21 Woodland Road
Early-career researchers from the Arts Faculty will give short presentations on their current research topics. The event will be followed by drinks in the SML Common Room.
Jimmy Hay (Film) An Aesthetic Realisation of Grief in Narrative Filmmaking.
Albertine Fox (SML, French): Listening, Receptivity and the Documentary Film Interview.
Nariman Massoumi (Film): Pouring Water on Troubled Oil: Dylan Thomas and the Anglo-Iranian Oil film.
Paul Merchant (SML, HiPLA): Marine Poetics in Contemporary Chilean Cinema.
Respondents: Kristian Moen (Film) and Catherine O’Rawe (SML)
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