Prof Adrian Favell, (University of Leeds)'Northern Exposure: the future of multi-ethnic Britain after Brexit'

7 May 2020, 5.00 PM - 7 May 2020, 6.00 PM


The Brexit referendum and 2019 general election have focused political attention on the North of England, as a locus of the social, economic and political disaffection (allegedly) driving these politics. Notably, there has been a focus with articulating the (allegedly) marginalised voices of white, working class English populations in smaller northern cities and large northern towns. Northern Exposure <> is a large ESRC funded project in the UK in a Changing Europe 'Governance after Brexit' programme, taking a more nuanced look at inter-community, class and race relations in a variety of Northern locations. We argue that tensions of race, diversity and migration do indeed lie at the heart of the Brexit vote and Conservative victory, and that the resources for re-imagining (again) a multi-ethnic future for Britain now need to be found in the grounded, regional realities of these locations, as they deal pragmatically with the complex issues arising, rather than the ideologically "English" nationalist view found at the national level.
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